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Dropping the anchor in a quiet cala is one of the delights of Mediterranean charter. The noonday sun warms your back as you eat lunch, snorkel and take a quick forty winks before another afternoon's sailing. For UK sailors unaccustomed to anchoring, it can be a little daunting at first, so here are a few handy tips.

When leaving the anchorage, it is preferable to motor the yacht gently towards the anchor (station a crew member towards the bow to point towards the anchor to help the helmsman if you have any crew spare) rather than using the anchor windlass to pull the boat towards the anchor. This is mainly to preserve electrical power: a high-powered windlass can drain a yacht battery completely flat in under 30 seconds and that would leave a charter crew with no instruments, no lighting and no cold beer. (It's also good seamanship, but I reckon that's a secondary consideration.)

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