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Sailing terms, phrases and jargon

The language of the sea is rich and varied. It often seems bewildering but there is a purpose: clear communication is only possible with accurate names for everything.

Parts of the boat

Sections of the glossary cover parts of the boat, the ropes and sails that are used on board and an explanation of the rigging, including the difference between the standing and the running rigging.

Interesting phrases

Sailing has contributed an enormous range of idioms to the English language. This list aims to identify the origins of phrases drawn from sailing jargon, as well as to dispel the myths surrounding many of them.

Spanish terms

Anyone wishing to sail in the Balearic islands is well advised to have a few key words in Spanish, particularly when trying to decipher the Spanish language weather forecasts. A translation of wave heights from Spanish into English is particularly useful when reading the INM forecast.
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