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Cala Gat

39’ 42”.4 N, 3’ 28”.1 E
anchorage on mallorca
Cala Gat is about ten minutes walk from Ratjada harbour, or five minutes sail. It is a narrow sandy beach in an indentation between Ratjada and the sheer cliffs of Capdepera. It is open to both wind and swell from south-west through to east.

Cala Gat is a great place to stop in the morning for a swim before setting off on a long trip, or to end a day's sailing before slipping into Ratjada harbour. Equally, for yacht charters with a novice or less-than-keen crew, taking a day off sailing to walk to the beach (or even sailing round in the morning, spending the day aboard and then sailing back in the evening) can be a pleasant alternative to the forced enjoyment of a beam reach. Facilities ashore are limited to a sandwich bar, but the facilities and shops of Ratjada are a short walk away.

Capdepera (or Cap de Pera) to the east can be a focal point of swell through the Menorca Channel, which has a long fetch all the way to the coast of France. The seas can be short and confused if there have been strong winds in the channel and it is often worth giving the cliffs an offing of half a mile or more for a more pleasant trip.

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